How to Adopt a Horse

Adopt a horse - we love horses


  • If you see a horse you like, submit an application asap as we try to respect the order in which applications are received and you never know how many we may get for a particular horse.
  • Only approved adopters can schedule to see a horse.
  • Consider getting approved upfront so when you see a horse that we all think is a good fit, you are first in the queue.
  • Applications are to be submitted to
  • Approval process includes application review, reference check and farm visit to wherever the horse will be housed.
  • If you live more than two hours from McHenry, IL, please submit pictures of your property, arena, interior and exterior barn shots, pastures, dry lots, other animals on property, etc along with your application to speed things up.
  • If you are looking for a companion horse, multiple opportunities to engage with available horses will be available to help you choose a companion.
  • If you are looking at a riding horse, we will schedule time with our trainer to show you the horse, have our trainer ride and then have you ride. Please bring your trainer if you are working with one.
  • We are all ALL VOLUNTEER organization with jobs, families and animals of our own, please understand that when setting your expectations on response time, etc.
  • Any questions on home to adopt a horse, please email or pm the Facebook page

Thank you for your interest in an HHHP Rescue horse! Rescue horses rock!!

If you are interested in horse adoption, please complete the form below.

Adoption Application