Waffles black horse with saddle


Arabian cross

Your next kids pony! Get this looker started under saddle this year! Waffles is a very smart Arabian cross pony that worked with a trainer for desensitizing, ground manners and introduction to a saddle on her back. She was ponied on trail as well. She is just getting old enough to start to be trained under saddle. Waffles is a playful young horse, very willing and responsive. She is great in a herd, a great stall horse or on pasture, barefoot and stands nicely. She navigated changing environments from the rescue farm to trainer to foster home with ease and no drama – she;s too smart for that! Waffles is from a Louisiana kill lot where she was with her sister who was lost to strangles right after being pulled out of there.This girl is a special horse and deserves a special family of her own to help her be amazing.