16-17 years

Dylan is a super sweet and quiet gentleman. He is a 15.2 flea-bitten paint that follows you around the property on your shoulder – one of those horses that is hard to take a picture of because he is always RIGHT THERE! He makes us smile. We will hop on him as soon as the weather is appropriate to ride on property – April probably. Dylan is 16-17 years old and hasn’t been ridden in awhile so until we assess him, we can only place him as a companion horse. We will continue to update his information once we do assess him under saddle. As many beautiful light colored horses, he does have multiple melanomas. The only one of any concern is on him bum. It is impossible to say how fast it will grow – we have not seen any growth in it since November 2020. But even as a pasture pet, this horse is a dream to have on your property, pure joy to be around, almost calming. He is definitely someone’s heart horse.