Bert and Brody

These two Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees brothers are simply too cute and we don’t understand why we still have them! Born Oct 25, they were clearly not socialized with humans and were terrified when we got them. We worked with them slowly and they have blossomed to affectionate and fun puppies. They are crate trained (you need a BIG crate) and working on housebreaking – the nasty Feb weather did not help move this process along. They love other dogs, are nervous still around horses and goats but getting better. They are a little nervous with strangers but open up after a little bit; they foster home is a single person so exposure to lots of people during COVID and winter has been limited. Both of these boys are so much fun and love wrestling, paying with toys and running around outside – they have puppy energy mixed with giant breed chill. Both boys are learning to walk on leash as they were originally terrified of it. Brody is the one with slightly more black on his muzzle and Bert has a couple black spots on his body (we sometimes call them Spot and No-Spot). They do not have to be placed together though they would love it!